LBRuT LIP published

Richmond council's LIP (Local Implementation Plan) has been published and contains much relating to cyclists including £30k on secure parking at Richmond station, £25k on feasibility studies on all the pedestrian rail bridges to improve access for peds and cyclists, £280k on Hampton Court Road, £40k on improving the paths in Petersham Meadows, £15k on opening up one way streets in Richmond town centre to cyclists etc.

You can read it here.

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Hammersmith Riverside Shared Space

Hammersmith council had a consultation on the space alongside the river between the Corinthian sailing club and Black Lion street. This is around the Old Ship pub where the path passes in front of the pub and through a covered area.

For cyclists, shared use is planned. The narrow path between the wall and the Black Lion car park will be widened. There will be a diagonal route from the end of this path leading towards the river, and a ramp will replace the present steps. There will be signs saying pedestrian priority, and warning pedestrians to watch out for cyclists.

If you have any comments or want more information, email Annelise Johns of Hammersmith council.

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Cycle Ambassador Scheme - Workshop

As part of the Cycle Ambassador Scheme, there will be a workshop to give existing ambassadors and prospective ambassadors a chance to have any questions answered. There will also be lots of cycling related info available.

The workshop is on Saturday 12th September at the staff social club in Clarendon House, nr York House, Twickenham, TW1 3AA from 10:00 onwards.

Sign up to be an ambassador on or before the 12th and you could win a prize.

Hope to see you there!

More details on the ambassador scheme.

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Maintenance Workshop

To help out all the new cycle ambassadors, there is a new maintenance workshop starting on Wednesday 2nd September 2009 at 20:00 until 22:00. It's mainly for the ambassadors and buddies but all are welcome, as are donations.

Turn up with your bike, use the tools and expertise available and go away with a bike that rides like a dream, probably.

The workshop will be at All Hallows Church in Twickenham, it's the same place that Twickenham CC use as their club room:

Location - The Long Room, All Hallows Church, Erncroft Way, Twickenham, TW1 1EW

It will run bi-weekly until the end of October but will continue if it's popular.

Hope to see you there!

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Towpath from Kew Gardens

Taken from inside Kew Gardens:

Bikes on the towpath on a sunny afternoon, wind against tide and a beer expected...

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Contra Flow on King Charles Bridge in Kingston

A new contra flow cycle lane in place in Kingston - where King Charles Road crosses the railway - after school children said it would help them get to school by bike.

Details on the Kingston Council site here and on Kingston Cycle Campaign's site with a nice picture here.

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Cycle Ambassador Scheme

The Smarter Travel team at Richmond council have set up a cycle ambassador scheme to encourage people to cycle more often. It is open to anyone over 18 who lives, works or studies in Richmond. If this isn't you, please think of someone who might be interested in taking part either as an ambassador or buddy and send them the link to this post.

The idea is that a cyclist decides to be an ambassador and signs up. The ambassador then finds a buddy who could be a friend, relative, partner or colleague who would like to do more cycling and they sign up as well. Ambassador and buddy then go off and do some cycling, preferably together ;-) Ambassadors get a £25 voucher and buddies get discounts in bike shops, discounted cycle training and a free handlebar bag.

Buddying is a great way to get people cycling. Many cyclists already gently persuade the people in their lives of the benefits of cycling. Now cyclists can do all the persuading they like and everyone gets a reward. Sign up now and get twenty five pound for cycling around!

Register to be an ambassador before September 12th and you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of three prizes. Both ambassadors and buddies will be entered into a prize draw to win a rucksack full of cycling goodies. Terms and conditions of the prize draws are available at the links below or by email.

If you want to find out more, come along to the Ambassador's workshop on 12th September where you can ask any questions and get a chance to sign up and enter the prize draw. The workshop will be at the staff social club in Clarendon House, nr York House, Twickenham, TW1 3AA from 10:00 onwards.

If you can't attend the workshop, come along to Richmond Cycling Campaign's new maintenance workshop where you can work on your own bike under the supervision of a qualified mechanic and get your ambassador questions answered. It will run bi-weekly starting Wednesday 2nd September at 20:00 in the Long Room, All Hallows Church, Twickenham, TW1 1EW

Details and registration on Smarter Travel web site

Any questions, email

Terms and Conditions of prize draws:
September prize draw
Main prize draw

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Hammersmith Bridge - Southbound changes

Some changes to the south side of Hammermsith bridge, including a new toucan, shared paths and alterations to the road surfaces.

Details here.

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Kew Towpath

Apologies for lack of posts recently.

Kew towpath will be closed from 7th September for repair and maintenance to the embankment. Details on the council website here.

Towpath users will have to divert onto Mortlake Road and through the Kew Green back streets to pick up the towpath by Kew bridge. For cyclists, this will involve a short section of pavement where they are being asked to dismount.

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