LCN+ CRISP datasheets online

All the datasheets for the Richmond LCN+ routes are now online here.

You can download them all in one go here = PDF 33MB

These are the suggestions each CRISP came up with for the routes. The LCN+ in Richmond can be seen here. All these suggestions rely on feasibility studies before they get the go ahead.

RCC is waiting for LBRuT to provide us with a list of completed LCN+ routes.

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Cycling Infrastructure and Design Standards

The DfT has recently releases it's Cycling Infrastructure and Design (CID) guidance.

It can be found here = PDF 3.5MB

You can also find the London Cycle Design Standard (LCDS) here = list of PDFs

As previously posted, you can find the mayor's transport document, Way to Go here.

You can find the responses to this document at the links below:

London Cycling Campaign response

Sustrans response

Living Streets response

Lib Dems response

Transport Committee response

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Rides For Everyone

The Rides for Everyone up to May are now listed on the LBRuT web site here.

So along with our rides blog and the LCC rides web page, you can see when and where our Rides For Everyone take place.

Look at the rides blog to see some pics of recent rides.

Here are some from the Box Hill ride...

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Cycle Training Courses in Richmond

This year's cycle training courses are now taking bookings.

You can see more details here.

There are holiday courses for children - these are great fun and are better than the usual school courses as it's generally more relaxed with a great mix of children.

There are also courses for adults. These fall into 3 categories:

Level 1 - wobblers and non riders = 2 x 90min sessions
Level 2 - Ready to ride = 4 x 90min sessions
Level 3 - Advanced road riding = 1 x 120min session

All courses start at 18:30 and cost £15. They will start from or take place at:

Richmond Adult Community College,
Clifden Road,

Go to the relevant page to get a downloadable form or contact the safety education team on 020 8487 5131 or email them -

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Mayor's Question Time - Cycling Answers Jan 09

Details are here...

Mayor's Cycling Questions - January 2009

The first questions relate to the fataility on the A4. The questions are relevant for Richmond because the A316 is similar - it has lots of side roads and entrances where cars have priority.

There are also questions on cycle parking, the cycle hire scheme and cyclists and lorries.

More questions and answers are here.

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It's Snow Bike

Thanks and copyright to Mandy at Feltbug

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