London Sky Ride Feeder Rides

RCC are leading two feeder rides to the London Sky Ride (previously the Freewheel).

Both rides leave from Little Green, Richmond. If you're coming along, try to get there 15 minutes before the ride leaves.

The first ride leaves at 09:30 and the second at 11:00.

There will be a return ride leaving from Hyde Park Corner (inside Hyde Park) at 15:00.

This is the route for the feeder. It'll be slightly different around Hammersmith on the way back.

Come along, have fun, the weather is bound to be good!

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Cycle Lanes - are they any use?

An interesting article on the Times website talks about the distance drivers give to cyclists when there are cycle lanes compared with the distance they give them when there aren't cycle lanes. You can see it here.

You might also like to have a look at this PDF from Warrington Cycle Campaign that discusses the same issue and provides some nice pictures to prove their point.

A few years ago, some research was done to show that cyclists wearing helmets caused drivers to give them less space.

You are in charge of you when you are cycling. See, Be Seen and Communicate.

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