It's Christmas In Richmond...

...and you can tell by the glittery bike in the shop window of Richmond Cycles!

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A jaunty joust to the Tiltyard for tea

Saturday 22nd December
10:15 for a 10:30 depart
Location: Teddington Station
Led by: Susan Scorer
Phone: 07976 294626

Starting at Teddington Station (by the bike racks) at 10.15 for a 10:30 depart. Crossing the river at Teddington Lock, this ride makes its way to Hampton Court for coffee at the Tiltyard Cafe and then back through Bushy Park. This is a ride for everyone, about 9 miles.

In case you were interested, tiltyards were built for jousting matches, the one at Hampton Court was built by Henry VIII and the cafe is named after it. There is also a Tiltyard Tower, where the jousting could be watched. Not all of this info came from Wikipedia.

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South West LCC Xmas Ride - Report

Well, it rained and then it didn't but by that time, the Italian coffee shop in Sheen had biased our opinion towards the cold wet outside. We set off for the White Cross warmed and excited by the coffee and arrived last, again. Richmond Park was quite windy, that was our excuse. The White Cross was filled with cyclists and there was another warm and friendly atmosphere welcoming us along with a warm and filling lunch - we highly recommend the apple crumble and custard. The pics are proof of how much we didn't want to leave the warmth...

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South West LCC Xmas Ride

Sunday 9th December
10:00 for a 10:15 depart
Location: Mortlake Green
Led by: Susan Higham
Phone: 07976 294626

Come and join us on Mortlake Green next to the train station at 10:00 with a 10:15 depart for a ride through Richmond and Bushy Park. The ride ends at the White Cross pub in Richmond where we will meet up with other local borough groups. The route will be mainly on road with some towpath and is suitable for all bikes. If you can make the ride but not the pub (or vice versa!) that's fine. We should reach the pub around 12:00.

Merry Christmas!!

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Richmond Council given cash for transport

Transport for London have awarded Richmond their share of a London wide payout - £6.1m to be spent on transport in the borough. Richmond got the second highest award after Croydon (£6.3m).

Details on the council web site here and the TfL press release here.

The council's Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is here. This is how they intend to spend the money. Note that it includes the new path in Richmond Park which has been built and the proposed toucan crossing on Petersham Road.

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Richmond and Ham Meander

Saturday 17th November
10:15 for a 10:30 depart
Location: Little Green, next to the Green, Richmond
Contact:, led by Susan Scorer and Sue Abel

A very pleasant, gentle meander from Richmond going upstream and taking in Petersham, Ham House, the new lower-level path in Richmond Park and Ham Common (past the pond) to the towpath above Teddington Lock. We will stop for coffee (or tea if you prefer) at the Hawker/YMCA Centre before returning to Richmond via the towpath. About 9 miles, and suitable for families, beginners, returners and anyone who fancies a gentle meander on a sunny (?) Saturday morning.

Route is here.

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Round Richmond Park in the Dark - Report

Thunder and lightning.
Enter three WITCHES on bicycles.

First Witch
When shall we three meet again?
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Second Witch
When the hurlyburly's done,
When the battle's lost and won.

Third Witch
That will be ere the set of sun.

First Witch
Where the place?

Second Witch
In Richmond Park.

Third Witch
There to meet with Halloween.

And so we met and set off to test destiny in the darkness of Richmond Park. After puffing our way up the hill (witches spend too long concocting potions in front of the fire), we entered the magical fairy kingdom of Richmond Park, lit by Windsor fireworks all the way.

A mist lay in the hollows and amongst the trees, providing an ethereal blanket to cover the horrors of Halloween. We three adjusted our broomsticks and set off for Roehampton, mist swirling in our wake, broomstick lights poking their way through the murkiness.

We were soon accosted by those most pernicious of night time beasts, the jogging knee killers. You can see them coming, their reflective bodies show up and reveal their terror, arms flailing, feet pounding, chests heaving - pound, pound, pound, they bear down on us.

We escape by chanting spells, switching off our lights and urging our broomsticks on.

We pause to catch our breath and gaze at the brightening comet, Holmes. It is very fuzzy.

On and on, we sail down hill to Ham and the new witches path. We are enveloped by the mist and can barely see our way. The mist encroaches on our path, tendrils reaching out to catch our coat tails as we whizz by. But we three are too fast, and soon we are at the exit, too soon perhaps.

And then back to our den by the chilly river and bumpy path, they hold no fear for us, we have dared the danger of Richmond Park in the dark.

With our broomsticks safely stowed, we settle down in the local witches cave, The White Cross and compare potions.

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Halloween Ride - Round Richmond Park in the Dark

Round Richmond Park in the Dark - A Halloween Scary Social Ride

Route Round Richmond Park in the Dark

Wednesday 31st October
19:15 for a 19:30 depart
Location: Little Green, next to the Green, Richmond
Contact:, led by The Shadow

A ride for brave Richmond cyclists, we go once round Richmond Park and then head for a chat and a drink in the White Cross to ward off the witches. We start by riding to Richmond Gate and then go round the park clockwise (anti-clockwise is the evil way), leading the spirits of the underworld to their rightful place. At Ham Gate we try out the new path to Petersham Gate. After a short section of road, we turn down River Lane for the towpath, towing our spirits behind and back into Richmond. The ride should take about an hour, the social bit can take as long as you want to keep the spirits happy. Ever wondered what it's like riding in pitch black with no cars to worry about? Don't forget your lights to ward off the evil spirit known as FaceBrake.

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The Wandle Womble Wander Ride

The Wandle Womble Wander

Route of The Wandle Womble Wander

Sunday 4th November
09:45 for a 10:00 depart
Location: Little Green, next to the Green, Richmond

Mostly on quiet roads and trails, this route heads off to Putney via Barnes and the towpath, then goes through Wandsworth to pick up the Wandle trail. We turn off to ride up Wimbledon Hill onto the common, with a stop at the Windmill to visit Uncle Bulgaria for tea, then downhill all the way to Roehampton and Richmond Park. It's about 19 miles and should take about 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on how long we stop. Some off road, all but the most fragile bikes will be fine.

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Richmond Council Cycle Map

We have been asked by LBRuT to comment on their cycle map.

Anything in particular that annoys you? Any mistakes you've noticed?

It's unlikely they will change it to look like the Kingston map which is much clearer but we can at least get it looking like a map you can use. If we provide useful suggestions, they should ask our help when it comes to making a new one.

Send your sensible suggestions to

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Ride - Morning Tea at the Palace

Saturday 20th October
10:15 for a 10:30 depart
Location: Mortlake Green, next to Mortlake train station
Contact:, led by Susan Scorer
Phone: 07976 294626

After leaving Mortlake Green, the ride heads off to Putney Bridge, where we will cross the river and enter Bishops Park for tea (or coffee!) at Fulham Palace. After suitable refreshment, it's back to Mortlake Green via the Wetlands Centre and Barnes. This is a towpath/quiet road ride and all are welcome. Distance is about 8 miles and speed will be steady. No-one gets left behind.

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Taking the pain out of campaigning

RCC met with Tim Segedin at Richmond council recently and had a very positive meeting. Tim is a transport engineer responsible for implementing cycle provision and is keen to get things done for cyclists. We talked about the current plans and discussed the financial aspect. Come along to our next meeting on 12th November to hear more and to add your opinions.

Details of our meetings are here.

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Camden Cyclists Mapping Project Part II

RCC attended the Camden Cyclists meeting about their mapping project, which you can see here.

This could be a very useful tool for the group. Come along to the next meeting on 12th November to discuss it's uses. Let us know if you have any thoughts, ideas or would like to get involved in adding information.

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RCC attended the A316 CRIM* on Tuesday 16th October.

Whilst it wasn't the most pleasant bike ride we've ever been on, it did highlight some important issues that needed to be addressed. For example, access to the route from the towpath via Twickenham bridge. RCC impressed on the CRIM group that experienced commuter cyclists are more likely to use the carriageway and those less experienced would use it for access to other destinations.

Hopefully, the CRISP** recommendations will be taken on board and implemented, although don't expect any changes for the next year or two.

*CRIM = Cycle Route Inspection Meeting, part of a
**CRISP = Cycle Route Implementation and Stakeholder Plan

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LCC AGM - Tuesday October 16th, 17:30 at City Hall

The LCC AGM takes place at City Hall on Tuesday 16th October. Details on the LCC website here. Ken Livingstone is the guest speaker and Twickenham resident and new LCC director Koy Thomson will also be present.

Deadline for registration is 15th October by 17:00.

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Camden Cyclists Mapping Project

You may have seen in the latest London Cyclist (LCC) magazine that Camden Cyclists have created an online mapping system that shows all sorts of cycling information. It is based around Google maps.

You can see it here.

They are having a meeting on
Wednesday 17 October at 18:45, Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design, to discuss the system and it's development. RCC will be attending. Email RCC here if you want to ride to the meeting.

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Friends Of River Crane Environment AGM

RCC will be attending the Friends Of River Crane Environment (FORCE) AGM on the 22nd October at 18:00.

FORCE want to integrate cyclists into the river Crane corridor and are interested in the Sustrans plan to extend the Crane river route to the Grand Union and onto Wembley for 2012. They are also about to do a feasibility study into
Crane Riverside Park, linking Hounslow Heath with Twickenham Station and a cycle route will be an important part of that project.

FORCE website here.

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A Marshal's Job Is Never Done Until It's Done

Another day, another LCC organised feeder ride; emails to be sent and replied to, phone calls to make, people to cajole into helping out, panniers to be packed in readiness and sleep to be deprived in worry, all part of the job of volunteering to lead the Richmond feeder ride to Ravenscourt Park. And so we set off, resplendent in our marshal’s jerseys of sun kissed yellow and orange, closely followed by any number of eager riders, some regular cyclists, some not so regular and a few complete novices.

Slowly, so very slowly, we made our way along Kew Road, past Kew Gardens and over Kew Bridge. A lovely right turn onto Welesey Street and our journey was almost over. I think it was around here that my hangover (hungover in charge of a large group of cyclists, is that against the law?) got the better of me and I drifted off to the numbing sound of traffic accelerating past.

At Ravenscourt Park most of the group set off on their own, including a marshal’s young son who set off without his parents in his eagerness. It was then I realised I should have given out my mobile number to everyone in the group. Pants.

Our group was whittled away to us marshals (we stick together, like fluff to a half sucked pocket sweet, it’s the tabards) and a couple of other riders who we soon lost in the twisty route to Bayswater Road. And here we came across our first adventure, a family group with a wobbly young son who was tired and wobbly. We gave him a full escort to Hyde Park, protecting him and his family from the cars. What a terrible route to encourage new people to cycle.

We arrived, bereft of responsibility but still weighed down with our marshal’s tabards. One of us went off to perform official duties, one of us nearly fainted from lack of food and another went off to search out the free sandwiches. A couple of emergency flapjacks later and then the sandwiches arrived, along with a stream of people who thought we were marshals of the event and kept asking questions. At one point, we were the info desk and lost person’s meeting point. We took off our tabards.

And set off down the Mall with about a million other happy cyclists. A friend was somewhere, watching it all go by and I had a mobile cycling moment and met up with her and her two young tagalongs for a quick chat and a peck on the cheek.

Off we set again, only to be held up in a wall of cyclists somewhere before Parliament Square. We waited and waited and didn’t move and then it was Whitehall and we’re all moving now.

It was a lovely day with a cooling breeze, proof that cycling is blessed (cf the weather for the Tour de France stages). We went past the sights and I took some pictures with my mobile. We even passed the wobbly family we’d shepherded to Hyde Park. We saw the Dutch Cargo bikes with four, yes, four kids in the front. Recumbents, stripped down fixed wheel beauties, kids bikes, carbon bikes, tourers, racers, tandems, girl’s bikes, boy’s bikes – I love looking at the bikes, bikes everywhere.

And then we were at the finish outside Buckingham Palace, wondering what to do next. We checked out the festival and drank tea, ate cake and chatted. I had a bike map badge made at the LCC stall. It’s great. The badge, not the stall, although the stall was good, too.

The marshal posse met up once all official duties were done and we set off to search for that wanted beer, located in a pub somewhere by the river in leafy south west London. Roll on next year, it’ll be wheelie good.

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Marshalling at Hovis Freewheel

What a brilliant day I had at the Hovis Freewheel on Sunday. I helped to marshall a feeder ride for the Richmond branch of the LCC. I had been to the marshall’s training and also had marshalled on the tour de France feeder ride, so had an idea of what to expect. We met at Richmond Green at 9.30 and about 61 people turned up for the ride. Jonathan gave an inspiring introduction to everyone, ensuring that they all knew what was happening.

The ride went very well, we managed to stick together pretty much as a group, and arrived at Ravenscourt Park after about 45 minutes. From there people went in their own time to St. James’s Park following the route which was patrolled by Freewheel marshalls. We helped a few families along the way who were having trouble with tired children.

At St James’s Park we stopped for the free sandwiches which were much appreciated, and then did the Freewheel itself. It was amazing to see so many cyclists of all different types. At some points it was so crowded that we had to get off and wait, but the atmosphere was terrific. The underpass on upper Thames Street was great with everyone whooping and shouting and generally making as much noise as possible. It was also wonderful to see so many families and children.

Finally we got back to St. James’s park where we browsed the stalls, and made some lovely badges out of the old TfL maps at the LCC stall. We then had a much needed cup of tea and a piece of cake and a sit down on the thoughtfully provided blankets. I thought that the whole event was very well organised, people were all in a very good mood, and some wonderful tales of how well people, especially young ones, had done.

After sufficient restoration, we managed to pedal our way back to Richmond and a much needed pint.

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London Freewheel - It was all about the bikes

Our day got off to a good start with promising weather and a team of marshals dutifully assembled on the Little Green. Soon afterwards, riders started to appear. We had cyclists from all fields – the frequent and the Sunday cyclists, some returning cyclists and great family representation, some with tots attached, and other children cycling solo. We formed a team of 65 riders, and later learned that we had won the accolade of forming the biggest Freewheel feeder ride –well done to the people of Richmond !

After carrying out bike safety checks, with a few saddle adjustments and tyre inflations but thankfully no disqualifications, we headed off for Ravenscourt Park, the destination of our feeder ride, taking in Kew and Chiswick en route. There was much chattering along the way and it was clear that people were excited about being involved in the London Freewheel event.

After successfully concluding the feeder ride at Ravenscourt Park, we set off through the streets of London to the Freewheel start. It was great to see so many people out cycling along into London with confidence, thanks to a team of marshals controlling the traffic and pointing us in the right direction.

By the time we had reached Hyde Park, we were starting to feel a part of the 38,000 mass that had registered for the Freewheel. We then crossed into St James Park, and with Buckingham Palace behind us, we set off up the Mall and along the Freewheel course. It was quite surreal to be in central London where cars were replaced by a sea of cyclists wearing red Freewheel bibs with the slogan “The Bikes are Coming !”

After crossing St James Park, we cycled towards the Embankment and past Big Ben which was looking great after its recent refurb. It was great to see such a variety of bikes on the road. The cargo bike that proved such a hit at the “In Town without my Car” event joined our feeder ride filled with a cargo of 4 children. Along the way we saw regular bikes old and new, hired bikes and smart fixed gear bikes, but perhaps the best sight was a tandem recumbent with additional child seat passing by a standard recumbent.

Along the Embankment people were shouting and ringing their bells - an activity positively encouraged as we went through some of London’s echoing tunnels. We crossed the river via London Bridge which marked the half way point and then cycled back along the Embankment and on to the finish where we completed the event with well earned tea and cakes.

All in all, a good day out and a great way to promote cycling in and around London.

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The London Freewheel

The London Freewheel Takes place this Sunday 23rd September.

There is a feeder ride from Little Green to Ravenscourt Park, the nearest hub.

Meet at 09:45 to depart at 10:00.

Route is here.

Hope to see you there!

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Twickenham Riverside

There will be a public consultation on Thursday 27th September to discuss the plans to improve Twickenham riverside. More details here.

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Barnes common cycle route

There will be a meeting this Thursday 20th September to discuss this important link in the LCN. If you want to see the proposals, which consist of three options, please contact us -

We will be attending the meeting and will attempt to get the best option for all concerned. We will be riding the route on Monday 18th at 18:00. Meet at the junction of Laurel Road and Glebe Road.

Let us know if you have any views on this proposal.

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Colchester Cyclists new petition

Colchester Cyclists have started this online petition...

Sign this petition at

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to improve road safety by introducing strict liability for motorists in collisions.

Youngsters are being asked to walk or cycle to school to be green and reduce jams.

Walking and cycling are generally safe but parents will worry - if they are brave enough to let youngsters be independent.

The perception of safety has to be improved.

Lower speeds and extra road education will play a part but this petition is calling for a change to strict liability laws on drivers' insurance policies.

At present, in a car - bike/pedestrian collision, the cyclist or pedestrian (probably the worst injured) has to prove the motorist was reckless.

We want that burden of proof switched so the motorist - choosing to use a ton of metal at speed - has to prove the cyclist or pedestrian was at fault.

This only applies to insurance claims. In criminal law, drivers in collisions remain innocent until proven guilty.

This rule exists in many EU countries with more walking and cycling, and a better child road safety record, Let's raise driving standards and create better road user attitudes.

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RCC New Yahoo! group

Because we are not able to administer the old Yahoo group, we have created a new group. It is located here...

We urge you to sign up, for these reasons:

  • You get to control the way you see our email.
  • We can openly discuss issues related to cycling in Richmond.
  • We will be using the calendar, so you will get reminders of events and rides.
  • We will be using the 'Files' section, so you can see agendas and minutes without them clogging up your inbox.

Instructions on how to sign up are here...

Briefly, they are as follows:

You must have a Yahoo! account.
Once you have completed the Yahoo! registration process, subscribe to the group using your Yahoo! email by sending a blank email to:

or go to this page to view the group:
If you have any problems, email and we can instruct you further.

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Shape the Future of the LCC

The LCC's strategy event this Saturday needs more people to introduce
new ideas and debate our direction and aims for the next 5 years.

This is your chance to have your say - shape the future of London
Cycling Campaign

We are inviting you to 'London a Cycling City for All - An Open Space to
Shape the next Five Years' this coming Saturday 8 September.

You are being invited both for your personal commitment to LCC and your
unique perspective and experience of cycling in the city of London.
It is your everyday experience of cycling in London, your knowledge of
what does and does not work and your passion that will shape and achieve
LCC's future of a cycling city for all.

We will therefore open the space for intense and creative discussion
around the question:
How can we work together to develop London as a cycling city for all?

We truly value your input as a member and your perspective from a local

This unique event will be held on 8th September, 9.30am - 4pm (including
lunch) at Working Men's College, 44 Crowndale Road, Camden, NW1 1TR

To register please respond as soon as you can to with
'future' in the subject box to, or register online at

Yours sincerely,

Koy Thompson

Chief Executive, London Cycling Campaign

Ian Callaghan

On behalf on the Board of Trustees

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Richmond Cycling Campaign Needs Help!

Our group is run entirely by volunteers. We are trying to live up to the LCC mission of promoting and encouraging cycling but we need people to chip in with help now and again. Our needs are urgent this month, as we have several events and rides that require the brain and brawn that only cyclists have.

  • Our most pressing need is for marshals at the London Freewheel on 23rd September. Training will be provided and it involves helping a large group of cyclists negotiate the most traffic free route to Ravenscourt Park from Richmond Green.
  • We need someone who will help with the running of the RCC stall at the In Town Without Your Car event on the 15th September in Teddington. This involves setting up the stall (putting out leaflets, really) and talking to people about local issues. Generally, people want info about commuting and leisure routes, insurance, maintenance, training and a general chat about their own cycling. If you feel you can spare an hour or more standing on a stall talking about cycling, please let us know.
  • Volunteers for the stall on the 22nd of September or alternatively, you can create and lead a ride of around 20 miles that goes through the Crane valley.
  • We need your help with cycle provsion in the borough. Keep a look out for these things on your route and let us know of any issues. Is the route continuous? Does it have the necessary signage and is it pointed in the right direction? What is the quality of the route?
  • Want to help us with our campaigns? We need poeple to take on responsiblity for specific campaigns. Is there something you know of in your area that needs attention? We have a list of places that need changes, are you interested? Email us or come along to one of our meetings or rides and have a chat.

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The London Freewheel

The London Freewheel is a major cycling event, to rival the Tour de France prologue and the London to Brighton bike ride. Streets in central London will be closed to motor traffic for most of the day, so people can cycle round the route and take in the sights. More details and registration are here.

The idea is that you ride to your nearest hub, where there will be lots of stalls and entertainment. From there you ride to St James Park with hundreds of other riders, where the whole thing starts. There is nothing stopping you from riding by yourself to St James Park.

We are providing a feeder ride to our nearest hub, which is Ravenscourt Park. Meet at The Little Green, Richmond, here, at 09:45 to leave at 10:00.

RCC needs volunteer marshals for this event.
Marshals will help a large group of cyclists negotiate their way to Ravenscourt Park. If you volunteer, training is available and this is very worthwhile. Let us know if you are willing to help out - email us or come along to one of our stalls or on one of our rides.

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In Town Without Your Car Rides - 22nd September

To coincide with Richmond council's In Town Without Your Car event on Richmond Green on 22nd September, RCC have organised two rides.

The first is a gentle ride starting
at 10:15 to leave at 10:30, from either the bridge by Eel Pie island or Richmond Little Green. The two groups will meet up on Duck's Walk by the Lightwater information board between 10:45 and 11:00. The ride will then continue along the Crane river to the Shot Tower, where there will be a stop for tea. Then it winds its way back to Twickenham, where it will return to Richmond Green for those who want to experience the council event. Route is available here. Total distance is about 10 miles. Bring a sandwich to eat at the Shot Tower.

The second is a longer ride and will also meet at the Shot Tower. This will start at Richmond Green at 10:30 and will return around 13:00. Route is available here. Distance is around 20 miles. See west London at it's best, green parks and rivers sandwiched between suburban roads.

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In Town Without Your Car - Richmond 22nd September

The second of Richmond council's events encouraging people out of their cars. This one starts on Richmond Green on the 22nd September from 10:00 to 16:00.

RCC will have a stall along with Moore's Cycles, the CTC and British Cycling, so all your cycling needs will be covered.

There will also be a unicyclist, cycling assault courses, the police will be marking bicycles for free and RCC are organising two rides which will start from Richmond Green. See these posts for more info on our rides.

RCC need volunteers for the stall and the rides, so if you can help out for an hour or two, please let us know.

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In Town Without Your Car - Teddington 15th September

Richmond Council are holding two events intended to encourage people to use their cars less and think more about the impact their cars have on the environment. These follow on from last year's successful events and Richmond Cycling campaign are due to have a stall at both events.

The Teddington event is to take place on the Causeway in Teddington from 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturday 15th September. There will be free repair & maintenance advice from Moores cycles, the CTC
will be handing out campaign and touring advice and RCC will be there with local advice. All this and lots of entertainment.

RCC need volunteers for this stall, so if you can help out for an hour or two, please let us know.

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1st Sunday of the Month Ride

This month's ride is cancelled in favour of the London to Windsor bike ride which starts on Richmond Green at 09:00. Entries are taken on the day and there will be a few people from Richmond Cycling Campaign there, so come along and say hello. It's all for a good cause. Details here.

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Hello and welcome to the blog of the Richmond branch of the London Cycling Campaign. This site is in addition to the Richmond Cycling Campaign web site and is intended to show all the updates and events that are taking place in Richmond. You should check the main site for more in depth news and events.

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Richmond Cycling Campaign - Meetings

Our meetings take place on the second Monday of the month at 20:00. They usually last around and hour and a half. You do not need to be a member of the LCC to attend.

Our next meeting is on the 8th March 2010 at 20:00.

We discuss campaigning issues, organise rides, organise events and talk about cycling issues in Richmond. Get in touch if you wish to add an agenda item or want to check details. You can see minutes and agenda items in the 'Files' section of our Yahoo group, here. You have to join the group to view the files.

The location is upstairs at the Old Ship pub in Richmond on the corner of King Street, opposite Dickens and Jones.

The location is shown on a map here.

There is cycle parking opposite the pub and plenty of railings nearby as well.
The nearest train and tube station is Richmond.
Most buses in the borough travel through Richmond.
There is a car park next to Richmond Green and from there it is a 5 minute walk to the pub.

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This is a list of links for no reason. More may be added, so check back...

Cycle Ambassador Scheme calendar

Bike Shops in Richmond

Danny MacAskill - tricks and treats

DfT driving challenge

Highway Code online

Cycle training - Bikeability

Cycle training - CTUK

Cycle training - Cycle Confident

Cycle training - Cycling Instructor

Bike Tutor - fix your bike videos

Bike Shop - Chain Reaction, cheap!

Bike Shop - Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

Bike Shop - Wiggle

Bike Shop - Pearsons

A message to drivers

A nostalgia trip - for me anyway

More nostalgia or something

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