A Safer A4 for Everyone

Before Christmas, there was a fatality on the A4 in Brentford. More details are here.

Mike Fletcher was riding on the cycle path and as you can see from the link above, he was no novice. Ironically, he campaigned to make the route safer for other cyclists.

It seems only right that we do what we can to continue his work. Please go to the site below and sign the petition.

Petition to Make the A4 Safer For Everyone


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LCN+ in Richmond

As reported earlier, the funding for the LCN+ from TfL has been reduced. We are now seeing the results of this in LBRuT forward plan, detailed here...

LBRuT Forward Plan

If you look at the Transport Consultative Group forward plan December 08 to March 09 and scroll to the bottom of the list, you will see that there are proposals to abandon the development of LCN+ routes 172-175 because they are in the feasibility stage. Here are some google maps detailing all the LCN+ routes in Richmond...

Complete LCN+ in Richmond

LCN+ funding not forthcoming this year

LCN+ schemes that get funding this year

You can also get pdf maps from the LCN+ site here.

Once you have removed the LCN+ that TfL is responsible for (the A316 and A205 south circular), LBRuT is spending it's money on the 167 which runs from Kingston bridge to Hampton, the 168 from Hammersmith bridge to Hampton (note that much of this route is goes along the NCN4 and through Richmond Park, so is already up to standard. Essentially, the problems on this link are Barnes Common and Teddington town centre), 169 which spurs off the A316 and goes along the A205 until it becomes the South Circular at Clifford Avenue and 170 which runs from Kew bridge to the border with Kingston on Richmond Road (not including Richmond Circus - which is a TfL junction).

It appears that these schemes are not to be abandoned but have not progressed far enough through CRISP process to be put forward for funding this year. They are still at the feasibility stages. The intention is to move them forward next financial year. Not all of the routes that remain will have work done on them, RCC has asked for a list of schemes that will get funding for this year.

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