Cycle Parking in Richmond

Late May bank holiday weekend and whilst wandering around Richmond town centre on a break from the Twickenham regatta (look out for Richmond regatta at the end of June) I'm struck by how little bike parking there is. Until I came across this...

It was mid afternoon on a Sunday, the rain had disappeared and it was at least 20 degrees. Why are these racks empty? Because they are poorly placed and hidden, with no signs telling cyclists they are here. What about parking outside Richmond Station?

And then, in Buccleuch Gardens by the river, I saw this...

Who needs Richmond Council to provide parking?

It's things like this that makes bikes such brilliant things.

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Anonymous said... 4 September 2008 at 10:29  

Hi, Where are those bike stands??? I have never found them, but would love to.


Richmond Cycling Campaign said... 4 September 2008 at 16:54  

They are at the top of Victoria Parade, near the pedestrian crossing on RedLion St/Paradise Rd, just before the turn off for the bus station. The nice way is to go along George St and turn by the entrance to Tesco (I think or possibly the next alleyway along) and it leads up a lovely alley to the parking.

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