A Safer A4 for Everyone

Before Christmas, there was a fatality on the A4 in Brentford. More details are here.

Mike Fletcher was riding on the cycle path and as you can see from the link above, he was no novice. Ironically, he campaigned to make the route safer for other cyclists.

It seems only right that we do what we can to continue his work. Please go to the site below and sign the petition.

Petition to Make the A4 Safer For Everyone


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Anonymous said... 29 January 2009 at 09:29  

I'm a very experienced cyclist. I used to commute from Hampton to Islington for 20yrs and into the city before that. I feel that Mike & I would have had much in common if we had ever met.

I'm unfamiliar with the cycle arrangements on the A4 but was he on the main carriageway? If this is the case then this is the safest option when it comes to vehicles pulling out. Often cycle ways that are too far removed from the carriageway can make things much more dangerous for the 'traffic experienced' cyclist(see Spelthorne area for some dire examples).

Richmond Cycling Campaign said... 29 January 2009 at 13:20  

All the details I have are those on the Twickenham CC site. He was cycling on the cycle path as far as I know. The irony is that most councils would see an off road cycle path as 'safe', note Cllr Munira Wilson's comments here. A similar cycle path is on the A316 where cyclists have to give way to motor vehicles at every junction.

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