Richmond Council Cycle Map

We have been asked by LBRuT to comment on their cycle map.

Anything in particular that annoys you? Any mistakes you've noticed?

It's unlikely they will change it to look like the Kingston map which is much clearer but we can at least get it looking like a map you can use. If we provide useful suggestions, they should ask our help when it comes to making a new one.

Send your sensible suggestions to

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Jon said... 30 October 2007 at 08:36  

1) The map should identify those routes with restricted access (e.g. with gates, etc, which make passage by tandems, tricycles, trailers, etc difficult or impossible). Providing this info. should come under the Disability Discrimination Act as cycles designed for disabled riders are especially likely to be affected by such restrictions.

2) The map should identify those routes which are not open at all times (e.g. routes through parks which close at night).

3) The map should identify any routes which are not suitable for all-weather use due to having earth surfaces or other soft surfaces.

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