Halloween Ride - Round Richmond Park in the Dark

Round Richmond Park in the Dark - A Halloween Scary Social Ride

Route Round Richmond Park in the Dark

Wednesday 31st October
19:15 for a 19:30 depart
Location: Little Green, next to the Green, Richmond
Contact: info@rcc.myzen.co.uk, led by The Shadow

A ride for brave Richmond cyclists, we go once round Richmond Park and then head for a chat and a drink in the White Cross to ward off the witches. We start by riding to Richmond Gate and then go round the park clockwise (anti-clockwise is the evil way), leading the spirits of the underworld to their rightful place. At Ham Gate we try out the new path to Petersham Gate. After a short section of road, we turn down River Lane for the towpath, towing our spirits behind and back into Richmond. The ride should take about an hour, the social bit can take as long as you want to keep the spirits happy. Ever wondered what it's like riding in pitch black with no cars to worry about? Don't forget your lights to ward off the evil spirit known as FaceBrake.

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