Round Richmond Park in the Dark - Report

Thunder and lightning.
Enter three WITCHES on bicycles.

First Witch
When shall we three meet again?
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Second Witch
When the hurlyburly's done,
When the battle's lost and won.

Third Witch
That will be ere the set of sun.

First Witch
Where the place?

Second Witch
In Richmond Park.

Third Witch
There to meet with Halloween.

And so we met and set off to test destiny in the darkness of Richmond Park. After puffing our way up the hill (witches spend too long concocting potions in front of the fire), we entered the magical fairy kingdom of Richmond Park, lit by Windsor fireworks all the way.

A mist lay in the hollows and amongst the trees, providing an ethereal blanket to cover the horrors of Halloween. We three adjusted our broomsticks and set off for Roehampton, mist swirling in our wake, broomstick lights poking their way through the murkiness.

We were soon accosted by those most pernicious of night time beasts, the jogging knee killers. You can see them coming, their reflective bodies show up and reveal their terror, arms flailing, feet pounding, chests heaving - pound, pound, pound, they bear down on us.

We escape by chanting spells, switching off our lights and urging our broomsticks on.

We pause to catch our breath and gaze at the brightening comet, Holmes. It is very fuzzy.

On and on, we sail down hill to Ham and the new witches path. We are enveloped by the mist and can barely see our way. The mist encroaches on our path, tendrils reaching out to catch our coat tails as we whizz by. But we three are too fast, and soon we are at the exit, too soon perhaps.

And then back to our den by the chilly river and bumpy path, they hold no fear for us, we have dared the danger of Richmond Park in the dark.

With our broomsticks safely stowed, we settle down in the local witches cave, The White Cross and compare potions.

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Anonymous said... 12 November 2007 at 14:21  

It is I - witch Sue ? you ask your toad
It's side blocker Sue from Gloucester Road
Your blog was good and captured the meeting
The mist, the quiet and owl's distant greeting
Holmes above and runners ahead
Deer all around and rear lights in red
A perfect night for witches and spells
For riding new paths and well trodden dells
The end was marked with a pint in the pub
The perfect place for our witches hubbub.

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