Cycle Parking in LBRuT

RCC had a meeting with some of the officers at the council about cycle parking in the borough. They have identified many sites around the borough that need attenion, most notably Richmond station.

They asked if RCC would be willing to help. I said, oh yes. So now it's up to you, this is your chance to get your views across.

Send in your requests for cycle parking to this email address by Wednesday 10th December...

Use the template below...

To: Smarter Cycle Parking Richmond (
From: (Name, Email address, Contact Telephone Number)

Request for Consideration of New Cycle Parking Location

1. Location Details
(Richmond Road, Junction with St Stephen’s Church)

Postcode/Map Grid Reference, If Known
(0SX 517345, 0SY 174118)

Nearby travel destinations
(Marble Hill House, Public House, The Thames Path, Residential Area)

2. Specific Requirements
Are any additional measures likely to be necessary for implementation of parking?
(e.g. Lighting measures, kerb build outs, removal of signage etc.)

In your opinion, how many parking spaces should be provided?
(6 spaces, from 3 Sheffield Stands)

Is there sufficient existing natural surveillance of the site for security?
(Yes, adjacent to footpath which leads towards Marble Hill House).

Is the Site on or nearby to an existing local cycle route or National/LCN/LCN+ route?
(Nearby to Thames Path and local cycle routes towards Richmond & Twickenham.)

3. General Comments
Are there any other comments you wish to make in support of this request?

4. Additional Documentation
(Photograph of site, evidence of nearby cycle parking provision at or approaching capacity, etc.)

Go crazy, don't forget, by 10th December...

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