Way To Go, yeah baby

The mayor's vision of transport in London is available here...

Way To Go

The basis for this vision is that no mode of transport has priority over another and that the car is not 'intrinsically evil'.

Kulveer Ranger, at the recent LCC AGM, showed us the cover of this document and made the point that their transport policy had cycling at it's heart because there was a bicycle on the cover.

The LCN+ will be scrapped, mostly because the remaining 300 or so kilometres are too difficult to implement and would go against the transport priority policy. Instead the main focus of cycling related spending will be the cycle hire scheme and the 12 cycling 'super highways' into London. All this at the expense of the local boroughs, whose cycling budget has been slashed in half.

All the volunteer work that this campaign has put into the CRISPs and CRIMs, not to mention all the monumental effort other people all over London did, all for nothing. Way to go.

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